Thank you to all of the wonderful speakers and attendees that made the 13th Annual Summit a success!


November 3rd – 4th, 2015, Toronto
14th Annual Market Access Summit (Toronto, Venue TBD)

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Develop a collaborative and responsive market access strategy.

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12th Annual Market Access Summit in Toronto.

Organizations who embrace change and engage industry stakeholders will approach market access from a position of strength.

Numerous emerging industry partnerships are tightening reimbursement regimes. Maintaining your connection to key industry stakeholders is critically important. Source listing and reimbursement trends and ensure your market access strategy is ready for change.

Bringing together the stakeholders critical to your market access success, this summit will give you a comprehensive view of the new policies, initiatives and trends that will impact your decision-making.

Continuously improve and be on top of your game.

Your first step – THIS CONFERENCE!


Hear from key stakeholders and take away these BENEFITS:
  1. Pan-Canadian Pricing Alliance: Gain insight into the future direction of PCPA
  2. Privet Payers: Adapt to private payer formulary process
  3. PMPRB: Access regulatory priorities through the PMPRB and CDR/pCODR
  4. Drug Listing: Explore alternatives to list rejected drugs
  5. Plan Sponsors: Integrate the concerns of plan sponsors into your long-term plan
  6. Co-Pay Cards: Hear in depth on co-pay cards
  7. Industry Panel: Source leading insights from leading manufacturers
  8. Quebec Update: Forecast the future of PLA & PCPA in Quebec in light of the new election
  9. Employers Insight: Incorporate small and medium employers through their advisors
  10. Pricing Trend: Track pricing trends and the potential affect on Canadian Market