Toronto, ON

Wednesday November 4th &
Thursday November 5th 2015

Develop a collaborative and responsive market access strategy!

Integrate the voices of different stakeholders to enhance and transform your market access strategy.

At this summit you can source insights from government, private payers, patients and pharmacists to stay up-to-date on the most recent developments in the field and find opportunities for collaboration on new initiatives, projects and partnerships.

Government budgets are shrinking, while the cost of producing innovative drugs is increasing. Collaboration and cooperation are essential to the well-being of the industry and the general population. Learn how you can engage your stakeholders to streamline bureaucratic processes and cut costs. Prepare your market access strategy to be adaptable to upcoming changes and ensure continued relevance.

Make sure your organization is on the cutting edge of market access practice to effectively deliver benefits for both your bottom line and the health care system!

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