Tijana Fazlagic

Executive Director, PharmaCare Benefits Branch, Pharmaceutical Services Division

BC Ministry of Health

Dr. Tijana Fazlagic is the Executive Director of Therapeutic Assessment & Access, part of the Pharmaceutical, Laboratory & Blood Services Division at the BC Ministry of Health. Dr. Fazlagic is responsible for coverage decisions and access to various therapies including drugs for common diseases provided through the BC PharmaCare, expensive drugs for rare diseases and gene therapies. PharmaCare is the provincial program responsible for providing financial assistance for eligible prescription drugs and designated medical supplies to BC residents. Dr. Fazlagic provides strategic leadership and represents the interests of the BC Ministry at various federal/provincial/territorial tables, including those concerning drug assessment and drug price negotiations. Dr. Fazlagic co-led the Biosimilars Initiative in BC. Dr. Fazlagic holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Florida, a Master of Science degree with focus on development of chemo-botanical profiling of medicinal marijuana and a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Saskatchewan.

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Day 1: Oct 6, 2020

2:10 pm

2:10 pm

Panel Discussion

Gain Insights into the Impact of the Increasing Use of Biosimilars for Patients and the Marketplace

Many consider that increasing the use of biosimilars is key to putting healthcare budgets on a more financially sustainable path.  Understand the implications and opportunities for your business of recent policy decisions to foster a greater market share for biosimilars.  Develop an action plan to:

  • Prepare and support patients in the event they need to switch to a biosimilar
  • Analyse the impact on your biosimilar strategy of international collaboration to increase biosimilar market share
  • Adapt your Canadian market access strategies with medical and public policy guidance

Inform your strategy for biosimilars with key public policy insights

Day 2: Oct 7, 2020

Day 3: Oct 8, 2020