Rob Henderson

President and CEO

BioTalent Canada

Rob Henderson, President and CEO of BioTalent Canada, is a seasoned executive with more than 25 years of private and public sector management experience. He has transformed BioTalent Canada into an in-demand partner, policy influencer, and project leader that brings together the largest national bioeconomy network in Canada.

Under Rob’s guidance, BioTalent Canada has engaged with government, employers, associations, post-secondary institutions, immigrant serving agencies, and service providers. Together, this dynamic network strengthens skills, connects job-ready talent to industry, and creates opportunities. Its proven performance provides industry with funding, HR resources, and labour market intelligence to help companies successfully build their teams.


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Agenda: Day 1 Oct 5, 2020

Agenda: Day 2 Oct 6, 2020

3:15 pm

3:15 pm


Canadian Talent — Combating the Health & Life Science “Brain Drain”

Of the 20 leading and emerging fintech hubs globally, Toronto ranked #8, Vancouver #12, Montreal #14 and Calgary #16. Unpack why the same can’t be said for Canada’s health and life sciences sector, and outline what can be done to change that. Take back strategies to galvanize your senior management (and MP) to build a resilient industry by:

  • Using the economic drivers of biotech and fintech as prime examples of successful strategy execution
  • Leveraging learning from key players
  • Incorporating government departmental mandates to strengthen the case for the benefit of all