Alison Drinkwater

Senior Director, Strategic Consulting

Innomar strategies

Alison Drinkwater joined Innomar Strategies in 2016 as Senior Director, Market Access Consulting. She began her career in the fields of communication and marketing over 15 years ago, then moved to specialize in government relations, health economics and market access at Becton Dickinson and Baxter. Alison was the chair for the HTA (Health Technology Assessment) Committee for the MEDEC Association for 2 years, working to foster understanding of the differences between medical devices and pharmaceuticals through the payer lens.

Alison has experience in multiple therapeutic areas such as diabetes, oncology and hemophilia where she worked to examine the clinical and economic impact of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics to remove market access barriers for patients and clinicians.  For the past few years Alison has focused on the utilization of Patient Support Programs (PSPs) within Innomar to develop strategies and executional plan in the field of Real-World Evidence. Most recently Alison has transitioned to a new role at Innomar as Senior Director of Customer Experience where she is responsible for holistic PSP client account relationship leadership and service delivery, including PSP operations and innovative solutions.

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Agenda: Day 1 Oct 5, 2020

Agenda: Day 2 Oct 6, 2020

11:00 am

11:00 am


The importance of Real-World Evidence (RWE) in your Rare Disease Commercialization Strategy

The session will explore how to leverage patient support programs (PSP) throughout a Rare Disease product life cycle. Alison will identify the challenges and opportunities associated with utilizing the RWE collected from the PSP to enable decision-making and market access/commercialization strategies of rare disease therapies. The presentation will focus on the following:

  • Considerations throughout the commercialization journey to incorporate RWE into the PSP launch plan
  • Insights into how a PSP has used RWE in their market access strategy to overcome reimbursement challenges
  • How PSPs should engage with their patients to conduct RWE, with a focus on consent and privacy
  • Uncover complementary sources of data that can be leveraged from outside of the program (EMR, Claims data)