1. The new national drug agency and pharmacare: Get new updates for your future market access strategy
    While both of these federal initiatives will take time to come to fruition, plans are being made now to make them happen. Stay on top of these developments to understand the impact they will have on the industry and your organization
  2. Hear the latest on PMPRB Modernization and drug pricing in Canada
    Stay up to date on the latest developments with the PMPRB and be prepared for changes in drug pricing this represents.
  3. Get the latest information on how the path to market for biosimilars is evolving
    While biosimilars represent substantial cost savings, their uptake has not been as high as expected. Find out how this is changing and their market access is being improved.
  4. Reduce your costs with emerging models for drug discovery to increase patient access for rare diseases
    In order to get patients with rare diseases the treatment they need at an affordable price point, innovative solutions are emerging. Find out how new ways to collaborate could radically change the traditional path to market.
  5. Transform your value propositions for new therapies with payer input
    As prices for new, personalized treatments continue to climb, payers’ budgets are stretched to the limit. Gain insight into how they are responding and new approaches being considered for reimbursement.


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