Make Sure Your Organization is on the Cutting Edge of Market Access Practice

Join Canada’s most prestigious and definitive event on Market Access and engage directly with regulators, public and private payers, employers and patient groups.

Download the brochure now and gather these 10 takeaways to optimize your market access:

  1. Regulatory Update: Analyze upcoming updates to PMPRB and pCPA policies
  2. Payer-specific Submissions: Customize your application to the payers’ priorities
  3. Real-World Evidence: Integrate data to boost your value proposition
  4. CDR Guidelines: Adapt to new guidelines for Companion Diagnostic
  5. HTA Process: Strategize your submissions to reduce delays
  6. Biosimilars: Stay at the forefront of upcoming drug markets
  7. Stakeholder Engagement: Create partnerships to better answer the demand
  8. New Launches: Increase the ROI of your R&D
  9. Specialized Drugs: Ensure access to treatment for rare diseases
  10. Global Trends: Align your national strategy with global trends